Japanese police have arrested Genki Anno, a 24-year-old nurse working in the city of Kurume, on suspicion of breaking and entering and stealing women’s underwear. According to authorities, Anno broke into a house in Onojo City between December last year and January this year to steal the panties of a woman, who turned out to be a friend of his girlfriend.

The crime was discovered when Anno’s girlfriend checked her smartphone and found images of the house and her friend’s underwear stored on the phone. After a police investigation, Anno admitted to the charges, stating that he broke in to steal underwear to satisfy his sexual desires.

Police searched Anno’s home and found more women’s underwear, so they are investigating whether she may have stolen them in other home break-ins. Anno is in police custody and is expected to face additional charges.

This incident has generated great concern and consternation among residents in and around Kurume. Authorities are asking citizens to report any suspicious activity in their neighborhoods to prevent future crimes of this type.