It has just been announced that the popular light novel series #VTuberLegend: How I Went Viral after Forgetting to Turn Off My Stream” will be adapted into an anime. If you’re a fan of vtubers and the streaming world, don’t miss out on this exciting adaptation.

Synopsis: Yuki Tanaka is an office worker in her twenties who has fulfilled her dream of becoming a vtuber after joining the Live-On agency, one of the biggest in Japan, to play the vtuber Awayuki Kokorone, a very cute and educated character whose content is aimed at a female audience. However, her number of subscribers is quite low and her real-life savings are at rock bottom.
One night, after Yuki thinks she has finished one of her streams, she inadvertently starts talking in her real voice to complain about her life and also to make vulgar jokes. The few viewers who stayed at the end of this stream start saving clips of her obscene jokes and they go viral overnight. Poor Yuki thinks her vtuber career has come to an end until her manager reveals to her that she has become the agency’s diamond in the rough and she is invited to stop faking the persona to use her real personality.
That’s how she will soon meet her fellow vtubers who are just as crazy as she is. Together with her team, Yuki is now on a mission to become one of the best vtubers, will she succeed?

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